Friday, June 16, 2006

Mexico crushed the Iranian dream with their opening game, and today, gets a chance to do the same with the dream of Angola. However, Angola's dream already passed a test. Yes, they lost 1-0, but for eighty-six minutes they held of Portugal, a soccer name like no others.
The game starts and Mexico almost chokes the Angolan dream within ten seconds, the coach must have told them to steam full force at the goal.

"Angola knows how to defend, scoring has been a problem for them," says the commentator while Angola proves it is nothing going to be pushed over.
Ten minutes into the game Mexico gets a shot, a free kick from 25 meters.
"He stroked it clean, but not a lot on it," says the commentator while the Angolan keeper bounces the ball of the grass, into the clench of his hands.
Delgado receives the first yellow card in name of Angola, creating another free kick opportunity for Mexico. The striker sends the ball through a hole in the wall of Angola, still it picks up just enough deflection to bounce of the post.
Angola sighs.
Mexico gets more free kicks and more shots on goal, but no hits. Angolan slowly figures how to counter the Mexicans and have a few shots of their own, though no hits either.
"Angola keeps it alive," says the commentator.
Yes, Angola keeps the dream alive.
"Angola is really taking this game to Mexico," says the commentator.
In the 45th min, the keeper of Angola saves the dream.
"A big denial by Ricardo," calls the commentator the save, and the teams go scoreless on their break.
The second half has a better start for the Mexicans.
"Mexico is trying to break Angola's attack, and not allow for them to develop the confidence they had in the first half,” says the commentator.
Nevertheless, Angola figures out the Mexican tactics and takes a shot from long range.
To easy for the keeper, and Mexico counters fast. In the 54th minute, the Angolan keeper makes the save of his lifetime. On his knees, with his arms stretched above his head, the gods put the ball into his hands. A dream denied to Mexico, will live forever in his heart.
"The Mexican crowd is trying to cheer their men back into the game," says the commentator.
More help arrives as Andre, of Angola, receives a yellow card. His second, thus red.

Angola plays on with ten men.
Mexican dribbles the ball through all the corners of the penalty box, except the goal. Angola holds Mexico off until the end, nearly scoring from some counters. The referee blows the whistle while the scoreboard remains empty. Mexico remains top of the group while Angola's chances are on life support.


But their dream is alive and kicking.